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For almost a year, specifically since April 2021, Hennessy has been at the forefront of championing for hip hop art in Kenya.

Through a range of cyphers perfomances, Hennessy has given emerging artistes a unique platform to showcase their talent.

The third edition of the cypher dubbed Hennessy Cypher 3.0  launched on  January 28, 2022. The artistes participating in the Cypher 3.0, include; Munga Wakadinali, Steph Kapela, Gold Triggah, Xtatic and Elisha Elai who, are embracing the spirit of Never Stop Never Settle (NSNS) on their journey to personal success.

Music has always been in the DNA of Hennessy and for the first time in Kenya, Hennessy introduced the Cypher in April 2021. The Hennessy Cypher, which falls under the distinctive brand campaign, Never Stop Never Settle, focuses on pioneers who are making the creativity of Africa shine.

Never Stop Never Settle (NSNS) tells the story of individuals driving this change by transforming their creative passions into thriving business ventures. In so doing, boldly challenge us to see the world through fresh eyes, a world where the old rules no longer apply.

The Cyphers mark a huge milestone for Hennessy and creates a synergy between the brand, artists, and hip hop fans. The Hennessy cyphers aim at identifying both rising and established artists, further offering them a platform to continue showcasing their craft.


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